Monday 21 June 2021

Monday 21st of June --- Let's sing ---

Hi Boys and Girls:
The last unit is a review. Most of the vocabulary, grammar and readings are about things you already know because you have been studying in a bilingual school.
So we are going to do some final activities and I hope you will enjoy them...
Task for today
1. You have to listen to a song from WIL.I.AM
Click here to listen or just, watch it here!

2. Now, try to complete the worksheet just listening again. They are musical instruments and words related with music. DON'T CHEAT 👀👀

Wednesday 16 June 2021

Wednesday the 3rd of June --- ARTS CLASS

Hi Kids!
How y'all doing today?
Let's start our Arts Class.
We are going to do/make/create a new challenge...
As you're going to "Graduate" yourselves... yes or yes ( I mean, finish 6th grade...), cause a real graduation, nowadays is not possible...let's make our own Birreta.
That's the name of a Graduation Cap.

Tasks for today (and the rest of the week...)
1st. Watch the video.

2nd. The graduation cap could be blue, orange, black...(colour is up to you).
You need: 
(Materials to decorate...)
Please, check the measure of your head before start cutting out!!
To put the string/wollen in the cap see the next video...

3rd. Decorate with foamy (goma eva), stickers, coloring it with watercolors...(watch the next video)

More ideas clicking here!
And here, too!

4th. When you think it's finished, take a photo a send it to me (or your Arts Teacher instead).
Deadline: 14th of June (Monday)

I have started mine... Look!
I want to add letters and some stickers...but I have to think about it!

Thursday 27 May 2021

ARTS CLASS - Friday 21stMay --- Dream-like Landscape

Hi Boys and Girls:
We continue our artwork. Here you have a picture and the commands you should follow.

Download the Surreal Sketch, complete it and colour it (you can use every technique for colouring) (If you haven't any printer, draw it...don't worry about printing, it's not necessary).

Take a picture and Send it to me by email. Write in the subject: Name, surname, class and SURREAL LANDSCAPE.

Deadline (fecha tope de entrega): 19th May

Tuesday 25 May 2021

ARTS CLASS --- Wednesday 26th May -- Dali's Project

Hi children,
We are going to do a project and it's going to be the last one about Dali. 
You will reproduce one of his paintings with the technique of Collage.
You'll choose one painting and then, three or four techniques of collage (not only one).

I'm going to give the techniques and the paintings (you can choose among the examples I'll give you. You can copy the painting into your paper or just, use a photocopy).

Let's talk about the techniques. There are different types of collage, here you have the ones I want you to use. Please read and think...

1st. Paper/Magazine/cardboard Collage
These collages are made from random things in magazines. They can be cut out or ripped and then stuck onto a common surface. Magazines can be replaced with newspapers, cardboard, colour papers... to give a different feel and look.

2nd. Fabric Collage
Fabric collage are very different to the first I talked about, because this one doesn't involve pictures already on the material, instead, you create the picture with the fabric. The fabric can be cut into many shapes and stuck down on a surface.

3rd. Dimensional Collage
3D Collage art is placing 3D items on a surface and creating something new. Some items that can be used are: rocks, beads, coins, buttons, sticks, new and old objects. If you want you can keep it as all natural items and do a sustainability project. 

4th. Mosaic

Mosaic is a type of collage. Most people know of tiled mosaic art, however there are a few different types. Others include paper, marble, stone and more. You can find these types of collage in cathedrals, churches and temples. 

Click here for Dali's Paintings. 
I've started mine...
Teacher's artwork in progress

Tuesday 25th May -- Culture video and worksheet

Hi sweeties!
Let's continue talking about Inventions! and young inventors!
Have you ever thought you could be a young inventor?
The unique thing you have to do try it!
Tasks for today:
1. Watch the video twice

2.  Now, answer the questions in the worksheet.
In activity 1 you can write and also, you can match!! So complete every activity!
You have a liveworksheet just in case you have not the photocopy! 
See you tomorrow!

Inventions, an interactive worksheet by teachermcf